Why Does YouTube Delete My Comments?

Why Does YouTube Delete My Comments

Did you know that YouTube has a team of moderators who check the site for inappropriate content? Did you also know that these moderators aren’t perfect and that sometimes they make mistakes? Did you even further know that your brilliant, original, and insightful comments can get caught up in the crosshairs of their laser-sharp precision and get deleted from the site? That might seem unfair at first glance. After all, why would anyone want to take away your brilliant insights into Katy Perry’s latest music video? But there are good reasons for why it happens. Let’s explore some of these reasons together by taking a look at what factors lead to videos being flagged by YouTube moderators, whether or not your comment gets hidden because of word filters, and how you can get your removed comment back if it was unfairly taken away from the site, and last but not least how you can avoid having your future comments removed in the future.

Why Does YouTube Delete My Comments?

YouTube deletes comments that it considers to be spam, abusive, or otherwise low-quality. The YouTube comment spam filter is designed to remove spam comments from YouTube videos. Comment spam includes comments that are posted by people who are not interested in the video, comments that are posted with the sole purpose of promoting a website or product, or comments that are posted with the sole purpose of attacking or harassing other users.

What Makes A Video Gets Flagged By Youtube Moderators?

1. Spam

The most common reason that a video gets flagged is that it is spam. This can happen if you are trying to advertise your website or sell something on YouTube, but it can also happen if you just try to get a lot of views for your video by using inappropriate language or doing something spammy like posting the same comment over and over again.

2. Copyright infringement

You might be surprised at how often this happens, especially on YouTube channels that feature music videos and other copyrighted content. If you want to use someone else’s content, then you need to have their written permission to do so and you need to give them credit for their work. Ignorance isn’t an excuse here either; before putting up any videos, check with the people who own the right to use the content in question and make sure that they are okay with its appearance on your YouTube channel. This is especially important if you are posting videos that feature music whose copyright belongs to someone else (like a cover of a popular song) or if your video uses footage from a television show or movie (which means that it needs to be cleared by whoever owns the rights). Even though these rules are there for everyone’s protection (including yours), YouTube will not hesitate to take down any videos that feature copyrighted material without appropriate permission from its owner.

3. Offensive content/hate speech/harassment

This is one of the most common reasons for a video being taken down. While YouTube has a very broad definition of what constitutes hate speech and harassment, it will take down your video if it receives enough complaints about its content. This can happen if your video uses inappropriate language (like using slurs), makes fun of someone’s race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, or sexual orientation (or anything else that falls under YouTube’s list of protected groups), or if it is generally offensive in nature. This can also happen if you are bullying someone else on the site (whether they are a celebrity or not), harassing another user in the comments section, spamming comments that contain off-topic links to your website/YouTube channel/etc., or making threats against another user (even if they are a celebrity).

4. Copyright infringement

While this is similar to the copyright infringement rule above in that it only applies to videos uploaded by users who don’t have permission from the owner of the copyright in question to use their content on their channel or post their video on YouTube, it also applies to music videos and any other videos that feature copyrighted music from artists who do not want their music used on YouTube without their permission. If you want to avoid having one of your videos taken down, for this reason, make sure that you have written permission from all the copyright holders whose work appears in your video before uploading it so that you don’t run into trouble.

5. Other legal or policy violations

Just as YouTube enforces its own community guidelines, it also enforces copyright laws and other policies that may apply to your videos. For example, YouTube may remove videos that contain copyrighted material if they violate copyright laws, even if the owners of the content don’t want their work on YouTube (such as music videos that feature songs without proper licenses). It can also remove videos that contain sexually explicit content or violent content, even if those videos are not in violation of any laws. In addition to these violations, YouTube may also remove videos for other legal reasons such as violating its Terms of Service Agreement for creators who have violated its community guidelines (such as uploading copyrighted material without permission), posting inappropriate comments on other user’s videos, and engaging in harassment against another user in the comments section.

Why Does YouTube Delete Comments?


YouTube is a site that is largely focused on providing content for the masses. The general consensus is that it’s better to have too much content than not enough, so the platform has to be able to filter out anything that could potentially offend anyone.


Another reason why YouTube might delete your comments is because of word filters. Word filters are software programs that help YouTube moderators clean up the site by removing certain words and phrases which they deem inappropriate or offensive. These filters are usually based on what words have already been flagged by other users as offensive and might also be triggered by certain phrases or words that you may use in your comment such as “rape”, “hate”, and “nigger”, etc. If you think that some of your comments may be taken down because of word filters, please do not use those particular words in your comment unless you want them to disappear from the site forever!

User Behavior

It’s also possible for comments to get deleted because of user behavior such as bad language or being rude towards other commenters or negative behavior in general (this can happen even if you don’t swear). If you start getting negative comments about you after making a video about something controversial (e.g., politics), then it’s likely that some people will get offended and think your comments are inappropriate or negative in general and this might lead YouTube to take action against them (although this is not always the case).


YouTube also takes action on comments that are too long, so if you make a comment that is longer than the limit of 140 characters, then it’s likely that it will be deleted from the site because of this reason. If you’re posting a video and want to keep your comment to less than 140 characters, then you should try to use a link in your comment instead of typing out everything yourself.

Bad Behavior

YouTube also has rules against users being rude to each other, and that includes comments. If you’re rude to another user in a comment, then YouTube might delete it for this reason.

Copyright Infringement

YouTube has a policy against using other people’s content without their permission, so if you’re using someone else’s video (e.g., music video) without their permission, then YouTube may take action on your comment for this reason.

How Do Word Filters Lead To Comments Being Deleted?

  • Word filters focus on certain words, which means that your comment might be caught up in their crosshairs for being too vulgar, graphic, or inappropriate.
  • Word filters are often set to hide certain words that are deemed offensive by YouTube’s standards.
  • Word filters also sometimes lead to comments being removed because they contain phrases that were also found to be offensive by YouTube’s standards.
  • Word filters are often set to hide certain words that are deemed offensive by YouTube’s standards.
  • Word filters focus on certain words, which means that your comment might be caught up in their crosshairs for being too vulgar, graphic, or inappropriate.
  • Word filters are often set to hide certain words that are deemed offensive by YouTube’s standards.
  • Word filters focus on certain words, which means that your comment might be caught up in their crosshairs for being too vulgar, graphic, or inappropriate.

Final Words

If you’ve ever posted a comment on YouTube only to see it get taken away, you’ve probably been confused. Now you know why it happens, and what you can do to prevent it from happening again. If you ever come across a comment that’s been unfairly removed from the site, be sure to let the moderators know. You can do this by going to the video in question and clicking “Flag” and then clicking “Spam or misleading” in the drop-down menu. When you let YouTube know that they were incorrect in taking away the comment, there’s a very good chance that they’ll reinstate it! There’s no reason to be shy.

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