Top Reasons Why There’s No Weather App On My iPad

Top Reasons Why There's No Weather App On My iPad

The weather is unpredictable, but it’s something that we can all agree on no matter where you are in the world. Everyone likes to keep tabs on what the weather is like outside, especially when you have plans. There’s nothing worse than not dressing appropriately for where you’re going or having to change your plans last minute because of the unexpected elements. Thankfully there are now tons of different apps available that give you an up-to-date look at what kind of weather you can expect in your area. However, if you own an iPad, this list might come as a surprise to you. You see, there isn’t a single reliable weather app available for the iPad as of right now. This is why we’ve compiled this list so that you know exactly why there isn’t one!

Why There’s No Weather App on My iPad

It’s impossible to create a great app with bad data.

The data you receive and display to your users is key to making your app successful. The same applies to weather apps. If the data isn’t accurate, people will lose trust in your app and stop using it altogether. This is why there are so many weather apps available on Android devices and not on iPads. iPhones and Android devices have the capacity to download weather data from their built-in GPS to provide accurate information. The iPad, on the other hand, doesn’t have this functionality. Apple has been working on a way to bring this functionality to the iPad for years now, but it has yet to actually surface. Until it does, iPad users won’t be able to use a weather app.

The screen size doesn’t lend itself well to weather apps.

The iPad was designed to be used in all sorts of different situations, whether you’re at home or out and about. It works great as a reading device, and many people use it as a replacement for their computers. What it really isn’t, however, is an outdoor device. The screen on the iPad is designed to be used indoors, which means it’s not perfectly suited for the elements. This is why you rarely see someone sitting outside reading a book on their iPad, and it’s also why you don’t see many weather apps available for the iPad. It’s designed to be used indoors, and most weather apps require you to be outdoors to get accurate data.

Lots of different weather apps don’t offer much variety.

When you try to find a weather app for your iPad, you’ll notice that there are a ton of different options available. You’ll have apps that provide you with your local weather, apps that tell you about the weather in other countries, and apps that tell you about the weather in your favorite sports team’s city. While this is great for Android users, it’s not so great for iPad users. This is because Android devices come with GPS and Wifi capabilities. With these two features, you can download weather data directly from your device, which is something that the iPad doesn’t have. As a result, the only way to get accurate data on your iPad is by using a third-party weather service.

iPad users want more than just a weather app.

The iPad is a multifunctional device that can be used for so many different things. While it is great for reading, it can also be used for gaming, writing, and more. This is why there are so many different apps available. People use the iPad for so many different things, and they want to be able to access their information in an easy way from one place. The same can’t be said for weather apps. While there are lots of different weather apps available, they all do the same thing. You can see the weather in your area, in a few other places around the world and for a few sports teams.

There are too many ads on most weather apps.

You’d think that since a weather app is a utility app and you use it often throughout the day that the developers would have a way to monetize it. However, this isn’t the case at all! The majority of weather apps feature ads that take up far too much space on the screen and can get incredibly annoying. Many people don’t like having to deal with ads on their phones so they are even less likely to want them on their iPad. The iPad is designed to provide you with a clean and simple interface, which is why you don’t see many apps available for it.

iPad users care about their battery life more than anything else.

If you own an iPhone, you’ve probably heard about the dreaded battery throttling that Apple has been accused of. This is something that affects all iPhone models, and it can happen if the battery has deteriorated to a certain level. While this isn’t a problem for all iPhone users, it is a problem for many. This is why many iPad users don’t want to use a weather app on their devices. After all, it’s hard to get accurate weather data if you have to be plugged into an outlet the entire time. This is where the GPS on Android devices comes in. It allows you to download weather data from your phone so that you don’t have to be plugged in.


There are so many great reasons why there is no weather app available for the iPad. From the screen size being designed to work indoors to the fact that you need to be plugged in to get accurate weather data, there are lots of reasons why there isn’t one. With this list, we hope that you now know exactly why there isn’t a weather app on your tablet. We hope that you now have a better understanding of why these apps just can’t be made for iPads yet.


How do I know if I have an iPad?

A: The easiest way to tell is by looking at the back of your device. If it says “iPad,” then you have an iPad. If it says “iPod Touch,” then you have a smaller version of the iPad. If it doesn’t say anything, then you most likely don’t have an iPad.

Why can’t there be a weather app for iPads?

A: There is no one reason why there can’t be a weather app for iPads. Instead, there are many different reasons that we listed above that make it difficult to create one for the tablet. We hope that this list has helped you understand why there isn’t a weather app available for your iPad and helped you decide whether or not to use another weather app on your device instead!

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