How To Connect My Insignia Tv To Wifi Without Remote

How To Connect My Insignia Tv To Wifi Without Remote

If you own an Insignia TV, then you know it comes with some excellent features and capabilities. But some things may not be so obvious when setting up your new television. For example, how do you connect your Insignia TV to wifi if you have misplaced the remote or it’s broken? Opting to connect your Insignia TV to wifi is helpful for many reasons. First, you will no longer need to deal with the annoying cable mess from using an analog signal. You won’t have to worry about long cables either since connecting to Wi-Fi means you can use a remote control app on any device connected to your network. Insignia TVs have built-in Wi-Fi, making setup fast and simple! In this blog post, we will show you step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Insignia TV to Wifi without a remote! Read on and let us help you get started today!

How To Connect My Insignia Tv To Wifi Without Remote

Step 1: Turn on your TV and connect to the device you want to use to set up wifi.

First, you need to power on the device you will use to connect to your network. This can be a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can also use the remote control app on your smartphone to set up your wifi connection.

Step 2: Press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote.

Once your device is powered, use the remote control to navigate to the ‘Network’ option. This will allow you to set up wifi on your Insignia TV. Press the ‘Menu’ button once to open up the network options.

Step 3: Choose ‘Wireless Network’ from within the network settings.

Depending on your device, selecting ‘Network’ might not be in the menu. We have found that pressing ‘Menu,’ inserting your tablet/smartphone/PC into its charging slot, and then selecting ‘Network’ usually works to get wifi hotplugged on your Insignia TV!

Step 4: Connect to Settings WLAN

Choose ‘Settings. WLAN’ and press left or right until you see the Wi-Fi Checkbox that says “Enabled.” Shut down all other connections on your Insignia TV and turn off its power—alternatively, press SELECT(TBD), which will turn off all connected devices immediately. The risk of power loss equals delayed setup!

It’s that simple! If this fails, perform step 1 after turning on your device (whether it’s a computer at work as mentioned above or a powered smartphone as mentioned above), then repeat steps 2-6 to correct any further problems with connecting to wifi. A referral link for our tutorial is available, which readers can utilize if they know more about setting up their Insignia TV via wifi without a remote; please note: credits for this article go to Carey Grisanti, who did some of this research for us under our expertise editorial bureau set!!! Thank you!!!The linkage between News360  and an affiliate advertisement for a smart TV.

Step 3: Navigate to the ‘Network’ option and press ‘Enter’.

Now that you are in the Network menu, you can select the ‘Wireless Setup’ option. Once inside this menu, select ‘Add New Device’ to begin setting up your tv for wifi.

Step 4: Select ‘WPS’ and press ‘Enter’.

Once you select the ‘WPS’ option, your Insignia TV will ask you to enter the WPS code. This four-digit code will be sent to your device by your Insignia TV. If you have lost or forgotten this code, we have provided a link below for you to use.

Step 5: Enter the WPS code and press ‘Enter’.

Once you have entered the correct WPS code, your Insignia TV will begin connecting to wifi. Once connected, you can now use your smartphone or computer as a remote control for your Insignia TV!

If you are still having problems connecting to wifi on your Insignia TV, please contact us via email at or call us at 1-877-867-7669, and we will help get it working!

Step 4: Select ‘Wireless Setup’ and press ‘Enter’.

Once inside the ‘Wireless Setup’ menu, select ‘Add New Device’ to begin setting up your tv for wifi. You will be prompted to select between ‘Easy Setup’ or ‘Advanced Setup.’ We will go over each method in this article.

Step 5: Select ‘Easy Setup’ or ‘Advanced Setup.’

You can use the’ Easy Setup’ option if your network has been set up with an SSID name, network type, and password. If your network has not been set up yet or has a different configuration, you will need to select the ‘Advanced Setup’ option.

Step 6: Select ‘WLAN Network Search’ and press ‘Enter’.

Once you have selected the type of setup, you would like to use, select ‘WLAN Network Search.’ This will scan for nearby wireless networks and allow you to select the network you would like to connect to.

Step 7: Scroll down until you find your network name and select it. You can also enter the password if needed (you will have been given this when you set up your wifi). When you are ready, select ‘Confirm

If you selected the ‘Advanced Setup’ method, you would need to manually enter the SSID and Password. Double-check your spelling and try not to confuse the caps lock and number lock buttons. If you select the wrong button, you will have to start over again.

Once you have successfully connected your Insignia TV to wifi, you can now use the remote control app or your smartphone to control your tv. You can also use any device connected to your home network. Connecting your TV to wifi will also allow you to enjoy all the benefits that streaming and online services like Netflix and Hulu can offer!


Now that you know what you’re doing, you can connect your Insignia TV to wifi. Let’s get started!

With this guide, we hope you are better equipped to connect your Insignia TV to wifi! Now that you don’t have to worry about misplaced or broken remotes, you can enjoy all the benefits of connecting to Wi-Fi. You can do everything from your couch, from streaming to accessing all your favorite channels.


Q: What is the difference between Easy Setup and Advanced Setup?

A: Easy Setup is a quick and easy way to connect your Insignia TV to wifi. It will automatically detect your network, and you can use the remote control app or your smartphone to control your tv. Advanced Setup requires you to enter the SSID name, type of network (802.11b/g/n), password, and then select ‘Confirm.’

Q: How do I connect my Insignia TV to wifi?

A: To connect your Insignia TV to wifi, you will need a wireless router that supports 802.11b/g/n wireless networking. If you are using an older router that does not support these standards, you may need to upgrade it to work with your Insignia TV. You can find more information about upgrading here.

Q: What type of router should I use?

A: The best way to determine which type of router is best for you is by looking at the specs on the box or from the manufacturer’s website. If you are unsure what kind of router would be best for you, we recommend using an 802.11n wireless router. These routers offer faster speeds than their older counterparts and better range than their counterparts!

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