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Today, nearly every business has an online presence and a corresponding website. If you own a business, maintaining an online presence is important for increasing visibility and driving new customers to your door. In the digital age, this often means creating accounts on websites like Google and posting details about your company. These profiles can include your company’s Google Business page, as well as sites like Facebook, Yelp, and others. With so many review sites accessible from your iPhone, it’s easy to leave a review from your device. Here are some steps on How to Leave a Google Review from Your iPhone.

How To Leave A Google Review From Your iPhone

Install the Google Reviews App

The first step to leaving a Google review on your iPhone is to install the Google Reviews app. This app makes it easy to leave a review from your device and will sync your review with your Google account. Although you can leave reviews directly from Google, the Google Reviews app makes the process more streamlined. You can find the Google Reviews app in the App Store. Once installed, you can create a new review from the home screen of the app. For example, if you eat at a restaurant and want to leave a review, tap Create New Review and then tap the name of the business.

Open the Google Reviews iOS app

When you want to leave a Google review, the first step is opening the Google Reviews app. You can access the Google Reviews app in a few ways. If you have the app installed on your home screen, you can tap the icon and then select the business you want to review. If you have the app open but are in another app, like Safari, you can tap the Share button and select the Google Reviews app. You can also navigate to from Safari and log in to leave a review.

Draft & submit your review

When you open the Google Reviews app, you’ll see a list of businesses you’ve reviewed. Select the review you want to edit, and then type your updated review. You’ll notice that you have an option to submit your review as “Private.” Keep in mind that this means your review won’t appear on the business’s public profile in Google. Instead, your review will only be visible to you in the app. To submit your review, tap “Submit” at the bottom of your review. Your review will appear in the app, and you can also see it in your Google account. If you want to edit your review, tap “Edit” at the bottom of your review.

How to leave a business review on Google from your iPhone

When you want to review a business, select the “Write a review” option to open the review prompt. You can select “Write a review” to create a new review or “Write a review as a guest” to add your review without signing in. When you’re ready to write your review, you have the option to select the star rating and leave a written review. If you’d like to select the star rating, you can tap the stars to choose the rating for your review. If you want to write a review, tap the “+” icon and start typing. When you’re ready to submit your review, tap “Post” to add your review.

How To Leave An Employee Review On Google From Your iPhone

  1. Open the Google Reviews app.
  2. Tap the “Write a review” option to open the review prompt.
  3. Tap “Write a review as a guest” to add your review without signing in.
  4. Select the star rating and leave a written review if you wish, or tap “+” to begin typing your review.
  5. When you are finished writing your review, tap “Post” to submit your review or “Save Draft” if you want to finish writing it later.

Why Google Review Is Important?

You can get credit

By writing a review, you can get credit to show your appreciation of the business. You also get a chance to help other people discover the business.

You can improve your ratings

By writing a review, you can improve your ratings and get more exposure for your business. This will help increase the chances of making money from Google Adsense and other advertising networks.

It’s free!

Google Reviews is free! There are no cost or subscription fees to write reviews on Google from an iPhone or iPad and there are no ads that appear on the app, so it makes sense to take advantage of this free resource for your business.

It’s easy to use

Writing a review is as simple as opening the app, selecting a business you have visited, and writing a review.

It’s not just for food

You can leave reviews on any business, not just restaurants. You can also leave reviews on new businesses that you discover in your areas, such as a new restaurant or salon.

You can use it on Android phones and tablets too!

The Google Reviews app is available for both iOS and Android devices, so you can use it with your iPhone or Android device regardless of which operating system you use to access the internet.

You can use it on Android Wear

The Google Reviews app has a watch face that you can download and use with your Android Wear smartwatch.

You can use it on Chrome OS

You can use the Google Reviews app on your Chromebooks, too!

You can read reviews from other people’s phones and tablets

You don’t need to be using your own phone or tablet to write a review – you can read other people’s reviews while they are writing them on their phones or tablets on the web at

You can add photos to your review

You can add photos to your Google Reviews review by taking a photo of the business you are reviewing and using the built-in camera on your phone or tablet.

How To Get A Good Review On Google?

Always be polite.

Try to be courteous in your review, and avoid any rude language or content. You should keep it simple, concise, and to the point.

Don’t just criticize!

Avoid making negative statements about the business, such as saying it was dirty or not very good food. Instead, focus on what you liked about the business and what you would recommend to others who are looking for that type of business.

Be honest!

When reviewing a business on Google Reviews, try to be as honest as possible in your review of the business. If you have a negative experience at a particular location or time of day, then please make sure that your review is clear about how the experience was not good enough for you and how you would not recommend it to others.

Don’t post photos with reviews!

If you want people to see your photos when they read your review on Google Reviews, then please don’t upload them with your reviews – they will only get in the way and make people think that they are reading a fake review because there is no photo attached to it!

Don’t use abbreviations or slang words in reviews!

If you do use slang words or abbreviations when writing a review on Google Reviews, we may remove them from our search results if they are too similar to other terms we already have in our index (such as food). This will cause bad search rankings for those words and make them harder to find in Google searches!

Don’t write reviews while intoxicated.

Please do not use alcohol or other drugs when writing reviews on Google Reviews. By using alcohol or drugs, you are putting yourself at risk for legal trouble and could get your account suspended without warning.

Don’t post a review for a business that you don’t like

Please do not write a review for a business that you don’t like. If you have an issue with the service or products provided by the business, please tell them directly and not on Google Reviews.

Don’t leave negative reviews for businesses that have closed down

If the business has closed down and is no longer trading, please keep this in mind when leaving feedback on Google Reviews. If you leave a negative review, it could affect your search rankings and make it harder to find your reviews in our search results!

Don’t give out personal information when leaving feedback!

Please do not provide personal information such as your name, address, or phone number when leaving feedback on Google Reviews – we will remove any comments that contain these types of details from our search results!


Reviews are an essential part of online marketing. They help consumers make buying decisions and provide insight into your products or services. If you own a business, it’s important to encourage customer feedback. When you receive positive feedback, you can incorporate it into your marketing strategy and share what your customers love about your brand. When you leave a review for a business, you can help customers make informed buying decisions. Leaving reviews on popular websites, like Google, is easy and only takes a few minutes. Next time you leave a review, you can use these steps to make the process even easier.

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