Can Onstar Track My Car If Not Activated

can onstar track my car if not activated

OnStar is more than just a safety feature in your car. It’s an app that can help you manage your vehicle remotely, get assistance in the case of an emergency, and even locate your car if you ever forget where you parked it. Not all cars come with OnStar from the factory, so you may need to contact your dealer or dealership to see if they offer it as an optional service. If not, you may want to consider buying a car that does have it before buying one. Let’s get started! This page will explain what OnStar is and how to use it.

Can OnStar track my car if not activated?

Why yes, of course, it can. Various apps are available to the smartphone that allow you to locate a phone, showing on the app’s homepage as either Haven (our own and excellent app) or Lookout, then download the free OnStar App. Using the app, you can quickly locate any of your four wheels thanks to the in-car GPS and cellular signaling, which directly connects to your vehicle’s new And Connected txt/call technology built into every model year 2018 and newer car made after 2014.

What Is Onstar?

OnStar is a subscription-based in-vehicle telematics service that gives subscribers hands-free access to essential services and information. These services include roadside assistance, remote vehicle diagnostics, navigation, climate control, and life advice from an OnStar Advisor when in a critical situation. It’s pretty much like having a personal assistant in your car that can give you directions, help you with car repairs, and much more. OnStar is available on select GM vehicles and is included in the price of the vehicle. If a used car you’re buying has OnStar, it’s most likely a valid subscription that will transfer to you upon purchase. OnStar is also available for other makes and models, though it does come at a cost.

Reasons Why You Should Use Onstar

  1. Safety It’s pretty apparent when relying on your own two paws to get around that an average driver would improve their safety. When technology comes in, it allows you to also see ahead at all intersections and driveways, which can keep you from veering into oncoming traffic. You can use OnStar if you should need emergency help on a rainy day or are missing someone at home.
  2. App When the inevitable happens where we put ourselves in threat of getting run over, it’s nice for a phone to do… something. With any OnStar-equipped vehicle, you can use its in-app app to send crucial messages to whoever needs to be notified (but again, when was NOT getting run over a legit threat or concern). You can also set up automatic notifications so people, not you, can access your location, letting them know when they should give aid. And if a car is missing on the roads, GPS and messaging OnStar can lead you in its direction.
  3. Cross Country Driving Comfort problems with air conditioning or climate control being compromised due only to hot weather? Are our hot water pressure issues with your shower, especially during that cold winter, usually an issue? Sleep deprivation meaning… no sleep?! Let the ACCESS!! Button lessens these and more problems caused by these common scenarios on an extended drive! Especially if a road trip is in your short-term future! Ever consider venturing out on a cross-country drive that takes longer than expected?
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  6. Getting lost How do Uber drivers surmount this pain? Cartographers have a method whereby two coordinates are mapped onto 3D areas using a mathematical formula, making onboard calculations and directions possible whether taking or riding that route or not! OnStar navigation and navigation details are like having one centralized location to head to where everyone else & each contingency is accounted for, leaving you with peace of mind around potential safety concerns and other situations.

How To Use The Onstar Tracking Feature

1. Fasten your seatbelts. Access OnStar. Press “3” on the navigation screen to quickly retrieve and locate the Telephone Linked Unit that can be inputted into an onboard MapWay GPS & Traffic program to find the closest point.

2. Social updates and local weather reports on OnStar can guide you if not informed missing now after a road trip back home afterward become the middle of nowhere driving a remote early morning for hours at their own pace was beyond expectations needs more when driving in high mountains or through the desert area with high elevation. Features such as Dead Corners, Dangerous Intersections, and Transit Zones are strategically located for places you want to report road closure or that you’re tired tired tired need a place to pull off if encountering any incident resulting in accidents, ambulance assistance, or food is needed!

3. GPS defogging Once you arrive at your destination, entering there gives the AT&T Products Internet Preferences service so that travel mileage can be updated through this internet-based API type protocol. Everything is logged while traveling via satellite positioning. All drivers receive alerts and updates with periodic check-in messages regarding designated areas EVMS traffic alerts where vehicle control can adjust the? Speed on overtaking black! Boxes obstructing or within 18 without inputting any interstates regarding projected warned speed at miles per with appropriate distance between vehicles remaining advised real-time black choke once regulations vary yellow caution vehicle information to prepare tires: safety travel patterns reflect the direction of travel and locations driving via autonomous vehicle phones from speeds of 2 – 120mile excludes road totals preparation different.

4. OnStar and OnStar Navigator provide access to real-time weather and road conditions through the browser, phone, or via the OnStar App available in the Google Play Store & Apple Store.

5. OnStar and OnStar Navigator provide access to various contact information, including police, tow services, roadside assistance, and more.

6. You can also view nearby destinations using your preferred navigation apps such as Google Maps, Waze (Android), or Apple Maps (iPhone).

7. Drivers can speak with a live advisor who will be able to assist with any questions regarding assistance in an emergency or may be able to provide traffic updates along your route as well as answer questions regarding traffic delays.

8. You can also download “OnStar Directions” onto your smartphone for navigation without having anything connected to the Internet.

9. You can also connect Bluetooth-enabled accessories for hands-free calls, music streaming, and more!

10. Drivers can locate a nearby dealership for service needs by entering their vehicle make & model into the system, which will then show nearby dealerships that service that particular make & model.  This feature is only available if you have an active subscription with OnStar.  If not, it will show all authorized dealerships in your area based on zip code.  If you do not have any service plans with them, then it will show all authorized dealerships in your area based on zip code.  

Final Words

Using OnStar, you can avoid a potential crisis by sending for help if you’re in danger. It can also serve as a GPS navigation system, provide directions to points of interest, and diagnose mechanical problems. The best part is that it’s free for new car owners and comes at no cost for those with an existing subscription.

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